Buying a Business in Belize

Buying a business in Belize is similar to buying a business in the US or Canada. Since Belize follows British Common law and English is the official language this provides a degree of comfort for international buyers. However, it is important to remember that in Belize some things are done differently and it is important to be properly guided and represented through the process.

Our job is to help you find a business that suits your needs and meets your financial and personal objectives and provide guidance through the process to ensure a successful close. Choosing the right TEAM to work with is critical. Buying a business is not the same as buying a house or condominium–anyone can sell or help someone buy a condo, we consider this to be a commodity transaction.

Do realtors who specialize in residential realty really understand the complexities in assisting buyers in buying a business? An approach I have seen here in Belize with residential realtors is to “show” businesses for sale much like you would show a condo and then asking “which one do you like?” There is more interest in getting the sale then ensuring that the correct questions are asked and answered. Encouraging the buyer to do due diligence is considered risky as the sale may not close. Yes, you are buying a DREAM but this does not mean common sense should be ignored.

We Specialize in Helping You find the Business of your Dreams in a systematic manner– this is our focus and passion.