MLS in Belize

We get asked quite often ¨Is there a Multiple Listing System for buying a business or property in Belize like there is in the United States¨?

  • Unfortunately no.

You may find ¨Belize MLS¨ sites when you do searches but these sites are not real MLS sites.

There is no centralized MLS in Belize so sites advertising as Belize Real Estate MLS are not MLS sites. These sites may contain old listings that have long since expired and have been taken from other real estate sites without any cooperation between the brokers. Obviously when you inquire about these listings you are told that they are not available however we have something else that may interest you.

How-ever the lack of an MLS is not necessarily an issue when it comes to buying a business. One of the reasons we formed Belize Business Brokers was to become the ¨Business Specialists¨ offering un-paralleled expertise with a wide range of business listings across the entire country. We have also formed relationships with leading Real Estate Brokers in Belize to ensure our clients are exposed to as many suitable opportunities as possible.

As the only Broker specializing in the listing and sale of Businesses in Belize we offer a unique service for those looking to buy or sell a business. We are the go to broker for Commercial Real Estate in Belize

What is important is dealing with agencies that operate with integrity and are leaders in their field and have the resources and connections to find you the right opportunity.

Mike Haworth

April 2018
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