Buying a Home or Condominium in Belize – Part One

We get asked quite often about the process of buying a titled property in Belize. Many buyers coming from North America and Europe are uncertain what the process is and how they can ensure that any purchase they make is handled according to the laws of Belize and makes them the recognized new holders of the title.

Fortunately, Belize has a well-developed title system and with legal and broker assistance your purchase can go very smoothly.

In Belize land is titled and you actual purchase a specific parcel number and block in a specific Registration Section. Under ¨The Registered Land Act, 1980, Chapter 194, Revised Edition 2000¨, a land certificate is issued to certify a particular party or company is registered as a proprietor with Title Absolute.

The registration system also provides a mean for others with an interest in a property to register liens and cautions so you are fully aware of any outstanding claims on a property you are interested in buying.

When you purchase a ¨property¨ you acquire Title Absolute as the proprietor of the block and parcel in question as well as the physical structures on such property.

When purchasing property it is prudent to ensure that the block and parcel that you are purchasing actually matches the information on the contract that you are signing. A land surveyor can be hired who will verify that you are actually buying the correct property. Properties are sold by the block and parcel number not by street address so it is very important to verify that this information is correct.

Michael Haworth

Belize Brokers Real Estate

August 2018
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